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Oral Histories

We are pleased to announce that our oral histories are now available to view online at: http://www.jjblivinglibrary.com

A special thank you to Governor Blanchard and Mr. Jay Ragsdale for making this possible.

We would like to thank David and Beverly Lang, co-owners of LTS Productions for producing many of our oral histories and for their many years of service. We wish them well in their retirement. MPHS Oral Histories are now being produced by Future Media (Bob Bishop).

Over the past 10 years, the Michigan Political History Society has taped interviews with many notable political figures.

Interviews can be borrowed from MPHS by contacting Linda Cleary at (517) 282-4520 or via email at mipoliticalhistory@gmail.com.

The collection is also housed at the Walter P. Reuther Library at Wayne State University.

Oral Histories List


Joe Schwarz, MD
U.S. Congressman

Richard McLellan

Morley Winograd
Former Democratic Chair

L. Brooks Patterson
Oakland County Executive

Honorable Dennis Archer
Former Mayor of Detroit

Paul Hillegonds
Former Speaker of the House
Michigan House of Representatives

Honorable Conrad Mallett
Former Supreme Court Justice

Frank J.Kelley
MI Attorney General 62–98

U.S. Senator Robert P. Griffin

Elly Peterson
Rep. Party Chair 65-69

Glenn S. Allen
Retired Court of Appeals Judge

Doug Fraser
Former President, UAW

Tom Downs

Judge Robert Danhof

Adelaide Hart
MI Dem Party Vice-Chair

Irv Bluestone
Retired VP, UAW

Robert E. Waldron
Former Speaker of the House

Mildred Jeffery
Community Activist

Libby Maynard
Michigan Democratic Vice-Chair

Bob Traxler
U.S. Congressman

Bobby Crim
House Speaker

Roman Gribbs
Detroit Mayor

Larry Lindemer
GOP Chair

Jerry Coomes
Catholic Conference Director
P.A.A. Co-Founder

Gary Owen
Former Speaker of the House

Peter Fletcher
Former GOP Committeeman

William McLaughlin
Former GOP Chair

Congressman John Dingell

Dan Musser II
President, Grand Hotel

Bob Vanderlaan
Senate Majority Leader

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