The Michigan Political History Society (MPHS) is a nonpartisan tax-exempt 501(c)3 corporation founded in 1993 by Sharman Moore and the late Kevin A. Kelly. A book; “Three Bullets Sealed His Lips”, passed on by Tom Plasman, brought MPHS to life and inspired others to join the efforts of inspiring greater knowledge of our political history so that we may better envision and shape our political future. In addition, MPHS strives to build relationships among people of different political persuasions.

Among the goals of MPHS is to conduct interviews with people who have contributed to, observed, chronicled, or been active participants in Michigan’s political history. Preserving the firsthand experiences of these individuals is vital in understanding our political heritage. These interviews are catalogued in the MPHS James J. Blanchard Living Library of Oral Histories are now available online at This library was made possible by earmarking funds raised at both the Governor James Blanchard and Congressman John Dingell MPHS fundraising tribute events. Copies of these DVDs can be borrowed from MPHS and are also available at the libraries of Michigan State University, Wayne State University, University of Michigan and the Michigan Historical Library.

We now have two locations for our Kevin A. Kelly Memorial Book Library. Our first library found a home at Grand Hotel and was unveiled in June, 2014. Our second and much larger library can be found at the Library of Michigan. We now have over 400 books that have been donated to MPHS and we are hoping to expand our collection over the next few years. We are grateful to Grand Hotel and the Library of Michigan for partnering with us in this effort.


President Roberta E. Stanley
Vice President John Kaczynski
Secretary/Treasurer Dan Stump

Board of Directors
Ms. Judy Allen
Ms. Susy Avery
Mr. Scott Bean
Mr. Dennis Cawthorne
Mr. Don Cooper*
Mr. Peter Dewan
Ms. Joanna Firestone
Ms. Jean Doss
Hon. Curtis Hertel, Jr.*
Mr. John Kaczynski
Mr. Pete Kuhnmuench*
Mr. Robert LaBrant*
Mr. Larry Lee
Mr. Paul Long
Mr. Richard McLellan*
Ms. Sharman Moore*
Mr. Dave Murley*
Mr. Mark Murray*
Ms. Brandy Nash
Ms. Gina Nelson
Mr. Ted O’Dell
Mr. Dan Papineau*
Mr. Jack Schmitt
Dr. Joe Schwarz
Ms. Kerry Ebersole Singh*
Ms. Roberta E. Stanley
Mr. Dan Stump
Mr. MoReno Taylor
Ms. Jody Weissler DeFoe
*Indicates Emeritus Member (Past President)

Executive Director
Linda J. Cleary
(517) 282-4520