Kevin A. Kelly Memorial Book Library Michigan Political History SocietyAs one of the founders of MPHS, Kevin’s vision was to create an organization that dedicated itself to preserving the political history of Michigan. In addition to our James L. Blanchard Living Library of Oral Histories, we have created this library of books in Kevin’s name to continue his mission and honor his memory. Kevin had hoped to one day have a place where people could visit and learn about the Political History of Michigan through videos, books and historic artifacts.

We now have two locations for our Kevin A. Kelly Memorial Book Library. Our first library found a home at Grand Hotel and was unveiled in June, 2014. Our second and much larger library can be found at the Library of Michigan. We now have over 700 books that have been donated to MPHS and we are hoping to expand our collection over the next several years. We are grateful to Grand Hotel and the Library of Michigan for partnering with us in this effort. For more information, please contact Linda Cleary, Executive Director at (517) 282-4520.

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